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Washington Real Estate Agent, Broker, Team Up With Home Inspector

Team Up With Andrew Tewson, the certified Home Inspector Of Slopeside Home Inspections

Image presents the picture of a row of homes beneath a magnifying glass with the Slopeside Home Inspections logo incorporated to present the idea that Slopeside Home Inspections performs home inspections for Washington state realtors and their buyer and seller clients.

Washington real estate agents and brokers of realty agencies, team up with Andrew Tewson of Slopeside Home Inspections for the quick, thorough, and certified home inspection of the homes for sale your listing clients desire to sell. Andrew Tewson, a certified home inspector and the owner of Slopeside Home Inspections in Vancouver, Washington invites realtors serving all or part of the southwest Washington region to team up with Slopeside Home Inspections. Andrew Tewson do his best to accommodate closing deadlines to serve realtors and their clients in Vancouver, WA and the southwest Washington region. Slopeside Home Inspections can quickly and efficiently evaluate the homes the realtors’ clients are buying, with inspections for safety and soundness to help ensure it is an appropriate fit for their family. Slopeside Home Inspections can add you to his schedule to evaluate the homes the realtors’ clients are listing or selling, with inspections for safety and soundness, which can serve to expedite purchase offers from interested buyers.

Andrew Tewson is a Washington licensed home inspector who has uniquely prepared himself to serve Washington realtors.

  • Washington Licensed Home Inspector #1894

Andrew Tewson is an Oregon certified home inspector who can serve Oregon realtors.

  • Oregon Certified Home Inspector #1998 (CCB #215197)

Andrew is a conscientious professional home inspector who garners excellent reviews from his clients. Being available for inspection appointments 6 days a week, Andrew is able to accommodate the tight closing schedules of realtors and brokers. The home of the realtor’s client, buyer or listing, will receive a comprehensive and exhaustive home inspection in a timely fashion with the purpose of helping you meet your deadlines.

Time-Sensitive Scheduling Of Home Inspection Services For Washington Realtor Agents & Brokers

Andrew Tewson, at Slopeside Home Inspections, can schedule a time-sensitive general home inspection services for Washington realtors agents and brokers, for their buyer and seller, listing clients. Andrew comprehensively evaluates the visible and readily accessible areas of the residential homes he inspects for the realtor agents and brokers, including:

Attic, Ventilation, & Insulation
Foundation, Basement, & Crawl Space
Exterior (doors, windows, cladding)
Interior (doors, windows, floors, walls, ceilings, stairs)
Fireplaces & Wood Stoves
Heating & Cooling Systems
Plumbing System
Electrical System
Built-in Kitchen Appliances
Infrared Thermal Imaging (as needed)

New Construction Home Inspections For Washington Realtor Agents & Brokers

When the construction of a new home is completed, or when it is approaching the final stages of construction, Slopeside Home Inspections can schedule a professional inspection in a timely fashion for agents and brokers. Getting the condition of a new home evaluated provides an opportunity for material defects, the improper installation of home components, and oversights in construction procedures, to be identified and addressed before the time arrives to close the realty transaction.

Pre-Listing Home Inspections & 4-Point Pre-Listing Home Inspections For Washington Realtor Agents & Brokers 

Image presents the picture of a row of homes beneath a magnifying glass with the Slopeside Home Inspections logo incorporated to present the idea that Slopeside Home Inspections performs home inspections for Washington state realtors and their buyer and seller clients.

Slopeside Home Inspections offers Pre-Listing home inspections to realty agents and brokers with timely scheduling of property assessments so sellers cab have a clear understanding of the home’s condition before it goes on the market. This can give the seller the information needed to more accurately estimate the property’s value, and creates an opportunity to preemptively resolve any issues that could reduce a buyer’s offer and/or stall negotiations.

Slopeside Home Inspections also offers to the realtor agent and broker clients, a 4-Point Pre-Listing inspection that focuses on any four major parts of the home. The four major parts of a home can include the roof, crawlspace, attic, mechanicals etc. The 4-Point Pre-Listing inspection is perfect for newer homes and/or for well maintained homes.

Pre-Listing Inspections Scheduled Now

A pre-listing home inspection is the optimal solution when selling a home, so agents’ and brokers’ clients can discover a home’s problems or issues in time to alleviate pushing back closing deadlines. A pre-listing inspection removes the possibility of problems with the home arising as surprises, it can give the buyer the peace of mind which leads to a strong level of comfort and lends to their confidence when considering the purchase decision.

As a realtor, if you encourage your home listing clients to get a pre-listing home inspection, you allow yourself and the homeowner time to make decisions in what to do about any home deficiencies the home inspection may reveal.

Mold Testing In Home Inspections For Washington Realtor Agents & Brokers

Mold in a home can cause numerous health problems for homeowners and their families. Removing the mold can introduce risks to one’s health and require costly structural and cosmetic repairs. The presence of mold isn’t always readily visible, and the moisture that facilitates it can go undetected. Slopeside Home Inspections is certified to test the homes of realtor represented buyers and sellers for mold to help ensure that their health and investment are protected.

Whether you are a realtor agent or broker, including mold testing with a home inspection can be helpful. Mold that spreads can make a home dangerous to live in. If mold is present, it can be costly to remove the mold and to repair the affected structures. Removal and remediation can involve costly professional services which employ special, environmentally safe techniques with specialty equipment. Detecting mold before selling or buying a home can save both the buyer and the seller from experiencing an unsatisfactory property transaction.

Radon Testing In Home Inspections For Washington Realtor Agents & Brokers

Radon is an odorless, tasteless, potentially deadly radioactive gas that is a known contributing cause of lung cancer. Radon gas originates from the decomposition of rock and soil deep underground. When radon escapes the surface, it’s possible for the gas to concentrate inside a home. Andrew Tewson, with Slopeside Home Inspections, who is trained to properly inspect homes for radon with the tools which accurately detect its presence in a home, can schedule an agent or broker home inspection today.

Re-Inspections Of Homes For Realtor Agents & Brokers

If Slopeside Home Inspections conducted a home inspection for a homeowner who is the client of a Washington real estate agent or broker, and if that inspection turned up any issues that have since been repaired, Andrew will gladly offer a Re-Inspection to ensure that the work done to repair the issue was performed correctly. Whether it was defective drywall, an electrical system issue, or other; Andrew will carefully examine any repairs or improvements that have been made to make sure that everything is safe and operational.

Home Inspection Reports Straight To Your Inbox


Easily accessed by a computer, tablet, mobile device, or available as a PDF. Your report will be carefully reviewed before being delivered to ensure that the findings are accurate, easy to read, and exceptionally detailed.

Our user-friendly and easy to understand professional home inspector reports are made available the same day as the home inspection. Pictures are attached when needed to clarify the nature of defective home components. As a certified professional home inspector, during a home inspection, Andrew reviews all of the major components and systems of a home, from foundations and crawlspaces to attics and roofs, to ensure you end up with a detailed inspection report including pictures, and radon testing or mold sampling when needed.


Clear reports that are easily accessed by a computer, tablet, mobile device, or available as a PDF, combined with helpful service for realtor agents or real estate brokers and their home buyers and listing clients. The built-in features of our intuitive inspection reports help the homeowner and the real estate agent build a repair-request document with ease, where they can include their customized comments about seller concessions and repair details.

Our home inspection reports give realtors, and their clients, the information they need to make an informed decision when buying or selling a home.