How To Read My Home Inspection Report

Instructions that explain how to read and understand your home inspection report in a sequence of steps.

How To Understand My Home Inspection Report

Before you look at your home inspection report, you may catch yourself saying to yourself, “How do I understand my home inspection report?” Rest easy, our user-friendly and easy to understand home inspector reports are easily accessed by a computer, tablet, mobile device, and they are available in PDF (Portable Document Format) format. Your report will be carefully reviewed before being delivered to ensure that the findings are accurate, easy to read, and exceptionally detailed. Pictures are attached whenever necessary to clarify the nature of any defective components in the home. Our home inspection reports are designed and written to give you the information you need to make an informed decision when buying or selling a home.

Client Portal

We will give you an online link to an app that will serve as a portal to your home inspection, called Your Client Portal.
Once your inspection has been confirmed, we will send you an email with a link to Your Client Portal. This portal is unique to you.

In the client portal, you will be able to sign your agreement, deliver payment, view your reports, and review any additional home inspection tools we might include.

Once you are in the client portal, you will see the left navigation panel with 5 main options:



When you enter your portal, you will see the “Tasks” section in the left, vertical navigation panel. By default, you should be in the Tasks section when you arrive at the client portal. In the “Tasks” section, you will (1) Review Your Services, (2) Inspect Agreement, and (3) Pay For Your Inspection.

Review Your Services

  1. Review the “Scheduled Services”, which is a list of the inspection services you have requested Slopeside Home Inspections to perform. You will see one or more services listed under “Scheduled Services”. Review the list to ensure you see all of the services you requested.
  2. Upon your review, when you see that all of the services which you requested are listed under “Scheduled Services”, Click “Done”.

Inspection Agreement – Scroll down to “Sign agreement”

  1. To read through, review, and sign your inspection agreement, click “View Agreement”.
  2. Sign your agreement.

Pay For Your Inspection

  1. Review Slopeside Home Inspection’s preferred method of payment.
  2. Click “Pay Now” and proceed with payment steps.


Open to review the inspection services.


You will find your home inspection reports here. You will receive a notification from Slopeside Home Inspections when we have completed and published your report. See more details about the reports section, below.


You will find a copy of your invoice, signed agreement(s), and other additional files Slopeside Home Inspections may include for you.


You can review Slopeside Home Inspections information and our preferred method(s) of contact, for any questions you may have.


More Details About The Reports Section

When reviewing your reports, we may have important information for you at the beginning, such as an overview of the issues we have found, any limitations, or general definitions.

You can scroll through each section of your report, looking at them individually, or you can click on the sections in the left navigation panel to go directly to a specific report section (i.e., Plumbing, Electrical, etc.).

The sections can have photos. If you click on an image, it will enlarge the photo for a clearer view. The photos can be general photos, as well as photos that represent specific issues Slopeside Home Inspections found.

You will see issues we have found, below the photos, in the colored tiles (Panels) which are identified by the top, colored borders (Blue, Yellow & Red). If you click on a tile, it will expand downward so you can read the information contained therein.

Summary Of Report
If you would like to see a summary of your report, you can click on the “Summary” button on the top of the page/app.
The Summary combines all of the issues (represented by the colored tiles) which we have found, and you will see all the issues of a specific section aligned beneath that section title.

There may also be a “Defects” tab at the top of the page/app, to the right of the “Summary” tab.
If you see a “Defects” tab, click on it, and you will see all of the red colored tiles. The red tiles represent all of the most important issues, those issues of which a home’s component or structure is deemed highly deficient or insufficient; and thus, may represent those issues which are the most important to have reviewed by a professional for possible repair or replacement.

PDF Version Of Home Inspection Report
The PDF button is in the upper right-hand corner of the page/app. You can get a PDF version of the Summary, the Full Report, or both.