Realtors and Home Inspectors: The Value Of Partnership

A realtor looking to partner with a home inspector, or a home inspector looking to partner with a realtor; either way one looks at it, it is a partnership of shared value.

If you are a realtor looking for a home inspector partnership, you see the value in partnership. As a home inspector, Slopeside Home Inspections sees the value in partnership, a value shared in the well-being of the realtor’s client.

As a realtor, your number one concern is your client, whether a buyer or a seller. Once you have the contract in hand, the foremost goal in your mind is to ensure that your clients are prepared for closing and that they are as comfortable as possible with the sale or purchase. When realtors partner with home inspector Andrew Tewson, of Slopeside Home Inspections, they’re one step closer to achieving this goal.

“If everyone is working toward the same end, the end will arrive satisfactorily.”

A Partner’s Perspective On The Invaluable Value In The Perspectives Of Partnership

Continue reading to see how we value the partnership between the realtor and the home inspector, working together to facilitate the welfare of the client’s experience.

What is helpful for a realtor to know about a home inspection, and why?

Home inspections are a key step toward closing a sale successfully. If your are not sure what home inspectors do, you can learn more by reading what we share with realtors about what we do, written specifically for realtors. Or visit our page that details what a home inspection is.

When home markets are hot, home buyers can be tempted to forego home inspections. They may believe that speed in getting to the dotted line will give them an advantage over other buyers. However, foregoing a home inspection can be a costly mistake. As a realtor, knowing what’s involved in a home inspection can help you advise your clients in wise home buying strategy. For more information on the benefits of a home inspection for both buyers and sellers, see what has to share.

“You can’t exhaust teamwork, for one will forge ahead when the other slows down.”

A Partner’s Perspective On The Invaluable Value In The Perspectives Of Partnership

What are the benefits when a realtor partners with a home inspector?

First and foremost, realtors who partner with a home inspector gain peace of mind.

  • They know from past experiences with the inspector, that the inspector will complete the inspection report on time.
  • They know the home inspector will keep them informed of developments that are important to the client, so there are no surprises if there are issues with the home.
  • The realtor will be confident that their clients, whether buyers or sellers, will be able to complete the transaction with their own peace of mind.

A satisfied and confident client leads to referrals. Referrals lead to more business.

“A strong partner need not shout to communicate; what they say resonates from the peace of their inner resolve.”

A Partner’s Perspective On The Invaluable Value In The Perspectives Of Partnership

What are the qualities of a good home inspector partner?

With an inspector who is new to the realtor, in order to discover the level of experience the home inspector has and to learn the credentials the home inspector possesses, asking relevant questions can be helpful. Good questions to ask a home inspector include:

  • How long have you been inspecting homes?
  • How do you keep your home inspection methods current?
  • How do you keep up with new requirements in home inspection?
  • What kind of ongoing training do you attend?
  • How long does a typical inspection take?
  • How long does it take for the client to get their home inspection report?
  • Can I see a sample home inspection report?
  • How do you involve realtors in the home inspection process?
  • Who is allowed to attend the inspection with the home inspector?
  • Will you share referrals with me?
  • Can you provide me with a resume?

“Creativity comes from what you were imbued with; teamwork comes from what you and your partner were imbued with.”

A Partner’s Perspective On The Invaluable Value In The Perspectives Of Partnership

Why should a realtor attend a home inspection?

Realtors aren’t required to attend home inspections, but it can prove helpful. By attending a home inspection, the realtor can learn:

During the inspection, a realtor can ask the inspector additional questions. Getting answers to questions will help the realtor to more clearly understand their client’s situation and allow them to speak to any concerns their clients may have.

Attending the inspection may give the realtor an understanding which can aid them in helping their client negotiate the home price or the contract terms. This can be of special importance if repairs are a necessary component of the contract. With a comprehensive understanding of the home inspection, the realtor will have an advantage whether they are representing the buyer or the seller.

“You are stronger when you compound effort, and effort is more effortless when you compound a network of partners.”

A Partner’s Perspective On The Invaluable Value In The Perspectives Of Partnership

What are the components of a quality, professional home inspection report?

Before a realtor decides to partner with a home inspector, it is advisable to review a sample of the home inspector’s reports. (You can review samples of home inspection reports your client could receive from Slopeside Home Inspections here.) A professional quality home inspection report should do the following:

  • It will be delivered on time.
  • It will be comprised in a convenient and easy to read format.
  • It uses clear and concise language without highfalutin industry jargon.
  • It refrains from unnecessary technical terms.
  • It includes photos and diagrams of the inspector’s findings.
  • It answers all questions the realtor or client raised before, during or after the inspection.
  • It suggests maintenance and repair needs in a scale, from urgent to optional.

“No one is an island unto one’s self. Starting a conversation can initiate a discussion about goals which can be reached, goals which otherwise may not be reached without the conversation.”

A Partner’s Perspective On The Invaluable Value In The Perspectives Of Partnership

What is InterNACHI and why should it matter to the realtor?

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) is the world’s leading association for home inspectors, providing training, testing and certification.

InterNACHI certified home inspectors follow the InterNACHI Standards of Practice, the Code of Ethics, and they comply with the required Continuing Education Policy.

What does this mean to you as a realtor? It means you can trust an InterNACHI inspector to deliver exceptional service and technical expertise. When you refer your clients to an InterNACHI inspector, you’ll reinforce your role as your client’s trusted advisor.

“Strategies learned from business partners can empower the scripting of business strategy, and in turn, reveal the unparalleled value of partners in business.”

A Partner’s Perspective On The Invaluable Value In The Perspectives Of Partnership

Why do realtors partner with Slopeside Home Inspections?

Buyers and sellers look at homes in terms of livability and safety. Slopeside Home Inspections’ InterNACHI trained and certified home inspector, Andrew Tewson, inspects homes for function and safety. Andrew has been an Oregon and Washington licensed home inspector since 2017. Andrew has extensive experience. Andrew’s customers provide valuable feedback in the form of comments and reviews, pointing out his thorough attention to detail and his friendly, professional demeanor. Andrew knows it is important to inspect for the client.

While inspecting for the client, Andrew informs and educates buyers, sellers, and realtors alike, about the home, its structure, and its components. He understands his role in facilitating a clear view of the home to ensure everyone involved in the transaction is making their decision with knowledge and with confidence.

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“Without another’s perspective you are limited to your own two eyes, your own brain, and the limitations of your own experience; partnering with others will increase the breadth of your perspective exponentially with ideas that will outreach the limitations of your own self-sufficiency.”

A Partner’s Perspective On The Invaluable Value In The Perspectives Of Partnership