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Remember to book your inspection early in the process of a home sale, especially if you are the buyer, because according to Washington state’s Form 35R, the only distinction between the initial inspection period and the additional inspection period, is time itself. The buyer, when bringing a home inspector into a seller’s home, will have an initial inspection, but sometimes an additional inspection may be requested, and both inspections must be completed within a given window of time. Conferring with your realtor can be a great assistance to you, to ensure you have all inspections completed in the required time frame.

For example, if a buyer gets their whole home inspection done on day two of the inspection period, and they know that they need a pest remediation contractor to go into the attic, and if it will take several days to get the contractor in there and you’ve only got eight days left on your initial inspection period, the buyer needs to get the contractor scheduled immediately. Be sure to use the entirety of your initial inspection period before you deliver the notice of additional inspections, because once you deliver that, you’ve left the initial inspection period behind and you’ve moved on to the additional inspection period. Be careful, because if you’ve still got eight days left in your initial inspection period but you deliver the notice of additional inspections with 8 days left in your initial inspection period, giving notice of additional inspections means, now, you’ve only got five days total.

Be attentive to those deadlines, being careful to not lose the advantage of a single day, while being careful to not run the risk of missing the deadline. Get your contractors, get your calendar, and establish those important deadlines, so you don’t go past your time period. It is of particular importance when we, as the home inspector, have to recommend further evaluation of a home component, that the buyer attach the inspector’s recommendation of further evaluation by a contractor.