Is it Blue Home Inspections, Blue House Inspections, or Slopeside Home Inspections?

Have you been faced with trying to remember something you saw months ago, maybe a website or a new store, and had trouble remembering what the name of it was? When that occurs, our minds can somehow tend to be able to recall a prominent image from the website or the store, such as a logo. If you had visited our website months ago and decided later you wanted to return to it, if you had forgotten our name, chances are your memory may have remembered us by Blue Home Inspections or by Blue House Inspections. While our business name is neither of those, if that is how you found us, we are glad you did.

Blue Home Inspections? Blue House Inspections? We understand

Image serves as a fallback website image and presents the logo picture of a blue home or blue house with a ladder propped against the wall and the company name of, "Slopeside Home Inspections", to portray the logo for Slopeside Home Inspections.

We understand, and we do not take offense. We are Slopeside Home Inspections, but you may think of us as Blue Home Inspections or Blue House Inspections. We get it. We had to choose a color for our logo and a picture that is associated with homes and houses, so we went with a blue home. We like it and we hope you do to. More than that, we hope we get the opportunity to serve you by providing our professional home inspection service by inspecting your home, rental property, duplex, triplex, condo, single family, or multi-family home, with our licensed and certified home inspection.

Schedule a home inspection with Slopeside Home Inspections today! Don’t wait until it is too late. Help to ensure the safety of your home and your family with regular home maintenance, including a regularly scheduled home inspection.